1928 Chinese coin with a car image

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1928 Chinese coin with a car image

Post by rborgquist » Sat Sep 01, 2018 7:51 am

There is a 1928 Chinese coin with a car image.
One can Google: 1928 Chinese Auto Dollar; to get image.
Note: 90% coins are fakes.
This is a great story about a Chinese warlord who had an American car
disassembled and imported and reassembled.
Then he had to build a road for the car.
Then he has a coin minted with a car image on it.
There are rumors this car could be a Packard but also Buick or Plymouth.
Car image on coin is an artist interpretation.
I have the book: Two Decades in China by O.J. Todd that has image of the actual car
but photo is not great so reading any names is not possible.
The description just says American car.
If anyone has information of the actual brand of automobile, please let me know.
I can email image.
Rich Borgquist
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Re: 1928 Chinese coin with a car image

Post by Ozstatman » Sat Sep 01, 2018 12:51 pm


Unable to tell what the car is from your google link. As you say "Car image on coin is an artist interpretation" and accordingly is not identifiable.

Best if you can scan or photograph the image in the book you mention and post that here. Although names may not be able to be discerned, the features of the car may be such that it can be identified.

If it can't be ID'd here, another source for car identification is the "What Is It" Forum on the AACA Website, there are people there who are pretty good at IDing from even poor photographs. Link to What Is It Forum - [urlhttp://forums.aaca.org/forum/66-what-is-it/][/url]
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