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Northampton Motor Sales, Easton, PA

Posted: Wed Oct 08, 2014 12:34 pm
by Dave Czirr
When I heard that friend and true Packard fan Günther Hoyt would be staying over in Easton PA on his way from Salem VA to Cooperstown NY for the Henry Joy Tour, I asked him to get some photos of the old Packard dealership there, Northampton Motor Sales, at the corner of Northampton and 15th Streets. Günther went me one better and had his friend C. P. Junker who lives locally go to the site and get some photos. So for those of you that have Packards delivered by Northampton Motor Sales, here, courtesy of C. P. Junker (exterior photos) and Jim Ayoub, City Line Laundry (interior photos), is the old dealership as it survives in 2014. There isn't much info about this dealership but in 1939 the manager was a Mr. M. D. Clements.