Spokane Dealership?

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kenneth young
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Spokane Dealership?

Post by kenneth young » Mon Feb 19, 2018 6:06 am

I have a 1925 Packard that the previous owner says was sold through her Great Uncle Art Rider and Spokane Packard in Washington state. I would like to know more about the dealership if someone has any information.

Dave Czirr
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Re: Spokane Dealership?

Post by Dave Czirr » Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:20 am

It's really unfortunate that PAC's roster keeper for Dealerships passed away and no one has yet come forward to take over the task, hopefully his files have been saved I hope someone will have information for you, all I have is from my 1939 Dealership list which gives as follows. I've checked the dealership photos back on the main website in "Showroom/Dealerships" and did not see a photo of any Packard facility in Spokane.

Packard Spokane Company
Monroe at First and Sprague Streets
Telephone Main 5231

Geo. Mitzel - President
Roy L. Sorrells - General Manager
Frank del Porto - Service Manager
Howard Nickum - Accessories Manager
Normal Warsinke - Wholesale Manager
C. A. Meloan - Auditor

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