50 Years of James Bond... and Packard...?

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50 Years of James Bond... and Packard...?

Post by Leeedy » Sat Jan 19, 2013 7:04 pm

The recent publication on news stands, "Fifty Years Of James Bond" claims to be an authoritarian treatise on the super spy. But whoever wrote and edited the publication doesn't know their Packards like they know Bond. Page 56 talks about James Bond having to drive a Sunbeam Alpine sports car in the film, "Dr. No." But that's were they reallllly lose it. The caption reads: "You wouldn't think it'd be so difficult to outrun a Packard LeSalle hearse..." Wow. The funeral car in the movie was neither a Packard nor a "LeSalle" (presume they meant LaSalle). You know you're getting really old when even the editors in publications can't tell or spell the names of cars, nor the differences between a Cadillac and a Packard.... Or a LaSalle and Packard.... or a LaSalle and a "LeSalle." Ohh. Badddd!

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Re: 50 Years of James Bond... and Packard...?

Post by jondearmond » Wed Feb 20, 2013 3:51 pm

A hilarious moment in a reality show following the drama of an urban parking ticket agent followed along the same lines when the agent tried to ticket an Austin Taxi. The agent couldn't process the ticket because they didn't know what make it was. When the owner finally came back and told the agent what his car was so he could get a ticket, the agent couldn't discern the difference between an Austin and an Astin Martin lol I'm only 23 and I know that.

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