Packard concept cars

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Packard concept cars

Post by Let the ride decide » Fri Aug 14, 2015 3:35 pm

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Re: Packard concept cars

Post by Leeedy » Fri Aug 21, 2015 12:42 pm

Ahhh... the old Ford reverse backlight window story surfaces once again. This is yet another story that just refuses to die.

The Balboa was designed by Richard Teague. But Teague didn't somehow magically migrate the Balboa roof over to Ford for the Continental (Marks III to V, 1958-60). In fact, Ford (Lincoln) was simply imitating Packard... and although John Reinhart left Packard and went to Ford very early in the 1950s, the movement of stylists was William Schmidt leaving Ford and going to work for Packard (for 1955-56). The Predictor and the never-built 1957 Detroit Packards were the upshot of this Schmidt move. But nobody left Packard and took the design with them. This story turns up from time to time on the internet and folklore, but it simply is not true. Another Packard myth.

Mitchell-Bentley at one point boldly made a claim to having "sold the rights" to the reverse-slant, lowerable backlight Packard window to Ford. But that would have been a neat trick–especially since the U.S. Patent was in fact issued to Edward Macauley and Richard Teague and assigned to Packard Motor Car Company. M-B didn't design it. They just did the paint and interior and final assembly. To sell the rights, you need to own the rights. But the story keeps coming back. Ford may have paid for or made some licensing agreements for the roof and rear window, but if they did, they made any such arrangements/payments with Packard Motor Car Company. Of course, Packard (as the Detroit car maker) was essentially gone adios by 1958... so what were they going to say about the 1958-60 Continental with a Balboa and Predictor roof on it? Maybe, send us a check?

As for the Balboa clone (which I now see has been repainted in a darker color rather than Don Mitchell's favorite Danube Blue) it was a Caribbean body set aside and re-done with a Balboa-look roof. It got its serial number later. This car is different from the original Balboa. It wasn't Packard's idea to do it. It was Don Mitchell's idea. By the way, the Balboa clone, Don Mitchell's original version of his Panther and the Dodge Granada were all painted the same baby blue color that became production Packard "Danube Blue" for 1956. Why? Because Mitchell-Bentley and Creative Industries of Detroit worked on all three cars...and Don Mitchell just loved the color!

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