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UK - Based 1941 110 Touring Sedan Deluxe RHD

Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2014 8:02 am
by analyse999
Hello everyone,

I'm a 'newbie' to the club and to Packard ownership, having recently succeeded in acquiring a 1941 110 Touring Sedan Deluxe, RHD.

The background to the car (according to previous owners) is that it was originally built for the South African market, hence RHD (same as the UK which is a real result in terms of safe driving here). I've no real detail (yet) on its life in Africa, but it was imported into the UK in 1988 and since then has had four previous owners before me.

A big point in the car's favour is it has its original engine, and bodily its almost rust-free. However, I suspect Packard dealers must have been just as scarce in Africa as they were in the UK as the car seems to have had a few non-standard 'running repairs' over the years.

My goal with the car is firstly to recommission it and to identify, find, and acquire the missing/non-standard parts, and then in the future to do a full body-off restoration. I love the car, and am an avid restorer, but intend the car to be useable (and used), which means I well know I'm going to be relying for help and advice heavily on fellow enthusiasts, so I thought I'd do my bit and start a 'Project blog' for the car. And of course, your interest, advice and guidance at any stage would be much appreciated.

Best Regards,


Re: UK - Based 1941 110 Touring Sedan Deluxe RHD

Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2014 8:21 am
by analyse999
The Car as bought:

Visually most of the original basics for the car are present.

The paintwork is an Ivory off-white; it looks good and really sets off the chrome and the period styling, but I can't see such a colour listed for 1941, so I suspect thats non-standard.

The interior is a white vinyl, clearly recovered at some point, although it looks like some of the door panel chrome trim has been retained. Window and screen surrounds are chrome throughout -not sure if these were original. Door panels have been screwed to the doors - not great - you can see where the original door card clips were present -a job when we come to the retrim. The screen rubber has been 'repaired at some time by cutting out the centre rib and masticking -in another lump of rubber

The dash is simply a mess - repainted (badly), wrecked switches, non-functioning gauges (when I bought in the car had a speedo from a pedal cycle fitted ..!), damaged plastic -all needs redoing.

In terms of parts, the car has the deluxe steering wheel (cracked and split -a definite candidate for restoration), but no accessories like radio, heater, demister, etc. The running boards are missing the chrome trims that sit between each rib at at either end, and It clearly has non-original tail lights and roof aerial. Some of these I've located already, but straight onto my 'used parts wants list' are:

Set of original tail light assemblies
Running Board Chrome trims
Handbrake plastic handle
Speedo Cable
Choke Cable

The start of a big list methinks..

Re: UK - Based 1941 110 Touring Sedan Deluxe RHD

Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2014 8:36 am
by analyse999
Under the Bonnet

Here is where the car shows some real evidence of 'running repairs'.

The Oil-bath air cleaner is non-standard, and looks to have been adapted from another (non-Packard) Car -add one air cleaner to my wants list. Plugs are Champion UY6. The wiring harness is all home-made and a real mess. An aftermarket windscreen washer has been fitted, together with unusual wiper arms/blades. The water outlet on top of the head is shot with corrosion and looks like its been repaired with a piece of scrap pipe. The head is fastened down with a mixture of studs and bolts -is this original ?

The Starter Motor (Autolite MZ 4078) and Distributor (Delco-Remy 1110-092 OK) both look original, but the regulator is a 'Lucas RB340' - and the battery has 6 cells. So; has the car been converted from 6 to 12-volt ? If so, that might help account for the non-functioning clocks, but the car runs fine, and the starter doesn't seem too be spinning over-fast, so I'm not sure. Also the coil (non-standard ) helpfully has no voltage markings.... more investigation needed on this front. Any advice on such conversions, benefits/problems etc. would be much appreciated.

Mechanically, the two big issues (so far) are:

1) the clutch pedal is at the limit of its travel before it bites, (and the diagram for adjustment on my Pdf manual is way to small to figure out how to adjust it, so I think a little ramp-time poking about underneath will be needed)

2) the selector forks regularly lock. I know this is a regular fault; wonder if I can track down some NOS forks ?

Also, to comply with UK law I will need to fit indicators to front and rear - I can retrofit aftermarket flashers, but has anyone any experience/advice on converting side and taillights to twin-filaments, then I might retain the original fittings ?

Re: UK - Based 1941 110 Touring Sedan Deluxe RHD

Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2014 8:50 am
by analyse999
Tracing the Car's History

I've already written to every previous owner I can trace, but records here only cover UK owners. Is there anywhere owners like me can seek information from Factory records as to when/to whom the car was sold, and what its a original specification, trim, paint etc. was ? I ask as thats very do-able with UK cars (I have several), but this is the first time I've had to try and track the history of a US-built car ??

Re: UK - Based 1941 110 Touring Sedan Deluxe RHD

Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2014 9:23 am
by dmdelavan
Congratulations on your acquisition! And lots of luck with your project. Fortunately most of what you need is readily available in the USA. Wiring harness should be a big priority and at least one of the Packard club regions supplies this service. Check the CNB. Proper hoses and clamps are likewise available from Merritt and Kanter as well as local parts outlets.

About the shifter: Check first to see if any levers are bent and have worn connectors. If not, a careful adjusting according to owner's manual specs will probably do the job. They did on my '40, but the job has to be done my someone who knows and cares about what they are doing.

Keep us posted; this is a great project.
Don Gutting

Re: UK - Based 1941 110 Touring Sedan Deluxe RHD

Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2014 2:15 pm
by analyse999
Hi Don;

Many thanks indeed for your response, both for parts sources and re. the selector mechanism, which is as slack and worn as my knees....

The only issue for me here in the UK buying parts from US suppliers is the cost of import from the US to the UK; shipping is expensive, but then UK Customs add 20% Tax on top of the total cost, and the UK Post Office then add a surcharge of about $12 on top of that for 'administration'; - it would just about be cheaper for us to emigrate to the US and live in the car. I'm certainly planning a holiday 'plus parts shopping' in the US hopefully later this year.

I love the car; it came up for sale over 2 years ago but was outside my means at the time -luckily it never sold, but came up for sale again recently and money or no I just had to have it - strike one from my 'bucket list' ! Its been used here as a wedding car before, and you can see why with the style and colour (also I'm a true Yorkshireman so my County emblem is the white english rose), but we love it just for its lines, purity of design, and sheer character. Its a belter, and every time its out on my front drive as I work on it people stop and enthuse about it, which is what its all about.

I will keep the forum updated - thank heavens for enthusiasts clubs -they are the best.

Have a great weekend,


Re: UK - Based 1941 110 Touring Sedan Deluxe RHD

Posted: Sat Jan 04, 2014 7:34 am
by Dave Czirr
Howard, you should get in touch with other Packard owners in the UK, and especially Adam Moody who frequents these pages and owns a 5th series Packard. The current club directory shows about 25 members in the UK.

Re: UK - Based 1941 110 Touring Sedan Deluxe RHD

Posted: Sat Jan 04, 2014 10:19 am
by analyse999
Many thanks Dave; Good idea & will do.

Best Regards,


Re: UK - Based 1941 110 Touring Sedan Deluxe RHD

Posted: Sun Jan 05, 2014 6:59 am
by analyse999
After a bit more tinkering today, I managed to get the dynamo out -its a 'LUCAS' 12-volt item, so it looks like someone has swopped some of the original parts to convert it to 12 volts, including the dynamo and regulator, and used UK-manufactured parts

I can live with that for now, but since I have some US electrical parts already, and would like the engine bay to at least look near-authentic, I wondered if I might retro-fit some 12-volt US parts (Regulator; Coil; Dynamo) instead of the UK parts. And if I do go this route for now, should I go with Delco-Remy or Autolite (I have a Delco-Remy Distributor and Autolite Starter Motor)..

Any thoughts/advice anyone ??.

Re: UK - Based 1941 110 Touring Sedan Deluxe RHD

Posted: Sun Jan 05, 2014 7:08 am
by Dave Czirr
I'm a bit of a purist so were it me, I'd convert it back to the original 6-volt system. Except perhaps for parts sourcing outside the U.S., 12-volt conversions really offer no advantages unless someone wishes to add AC.

Packard sourced from both Delco-Remy and Autolite, usually differentiating between series. In 1941 the "senior" Packards, the 160s and 180s, had AutoLite and the junior models like your 110 had Delco.