but first i gotta build the garage...

If you're starting a project, large or small, please share your progress with us in pictures and words.
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but first i gotta build the garage...

Post by absfan » Thu Sep 27, 2018 9:02 pm

Hi All,

I have recently purchased my veteran car and first Packard all rolled in one. Its a 1938 4 door saloon six and a real beauty (to my biased eyes at least). Its road legal and drove well on the initial test drive. But before I can take possession, I have to build the garage to house it! Construction is well under way; I poured the 86m2 concrete slab foundation last Monday. The garage itself is getting shipped from the South Island of NZ - a distance of over 600km and a 3hr 20min ferry crossing. Its a 2nd hand 3 bay garage that cost me $5000 online (was quoted $23,000 for a new one).

Even though I have modest automotive skills, I'm a keen learner. My plan is to
1) build the garage
2) set it up as a workshop
3)service and maintain the car.
4)I also have a spare engine and transmission that I would like to take apart and recondition as part of the learning process.

Right now I'm planning the workshop/tool set out. Power source will be sufficient for a mig/gas welder. Thinking about an air compressor too. Don't have the height for a hoist. Any suggestions gratefully received.

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Re: but first i gotta build the garage...

Post by Tinman_70 » Fri Sep 28, 2018 6:39 am

Good luck with your project! It's great to have the space to store and work on you pride and joy! Please send pictures and keep us up on your progress!

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Re: but first i gotta build the garage...

Post by Ozstatman » Fri Sep 28, 2018 12:14 pm

"It's great to have the space to store and work on you pride and joy!"

Sure it. Built a single car garage about 3 years back but, because the local council wouldn't approve a double garage, built it BIG about 40m2. Because it's a wooden frame with a 10' ceiling, was able to put up a high "shelf" about 7' off the floor about 2/3 of the way round, certainly get things up and out of the way. And........puchased flat pack shelving/storage units(from Aldi and Bunnings{Big Box hardware store}) and placed them around the interior walls for still more storage. At present the '50 Packard has been relegated to the carport because a '48 Limo chassis, I recently bought, is in occupation.
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Re: but first i gotta build the garage...

Post by absfan » Thu Oct 04, 2018 12:38 pm

Hi All.

My Packard is at home in the garage. I will probably move it to the larger garage when it has been built. I have taken the last week off work to get to know the car and have had it on jacks and been going over it with a fine tooth comb. I have cleaned out all remnants of the fire last weekend, ground the surface rust and debris off the floor pan and coated it in a clear rust stop product to retain the original patina of the metal. I have arranged for an auto trimmer to repair the seat and remake the carpets using the original as a template. The chassis and guards don't appear to have any rust. So far I have done the following:

1) cleaned out air filter in kerosene
2) cleaned out oil filter housing
3) drained sump
4) tightened sump bolts to hopefully stop/reduce oil leak
5) tightened bolts on cover plates on side of block to reduce oil leak
6) removed muffler
7) opened up torque bush housing to replace rubber boots (part no.15.515) one was ok, the other was buggered.
8) checked shock absorbers for fluid - they were dry!
9)trying to get transmission sump plug out to replace that fluid
10) checked brake fluid -all good
11) found a rubber dome that acts as stopper underneath the shock absorber had broken (part no 14.009) but don't know what its called.
12)Planning on flushing the radiator later.
13)steering box is leaking at the bottom end
14) signs of recent lubrication serving via grease nipples

Brakes, gears, seem to being ok and I will leave them for now. Quite a bit of play in the steering though. I got this car pretty cheaply so I am happy to spend a bit of time and money on it. I would like to give the car a complete service starting with the front end bushes and working through the various systems. I have also organized to have the whole underneath sandblasted and coated in a semi gloss black that I understand was how they left the factory. I am going through the Packard owners manual and will complete the servicing requirements outlined in it.

Does any one have any more recommendations/thoughts as to what else should be done? I have also included a pic of a spare engine that came with the car. Can anybody enlighten me with regards to the numbers?

thanks and have a good weekend
cleaned floor pan
spare engine numbers
rubber dome

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