1937 Super Eight 1500

If you're starting a project, large or small, please share your progress with us in pictures and words.
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1937 Super Eight 1500

Post by flyingk15 » Fri Feb 22, 2019 8:11 am

I purchased My 1500 in October and am now in full restoration mode. It didn't start out that way though. My initial searches for some of the bigger missing parts such as carburetor and hood were met with absolute sticker shock. I've never restored a pre-war car or one that has such history and prestige behind it. Couple that with being a far less produced Senior and I soon discovered just how difficult it will be.

How people restored cars like these twenty or thirty years ago without the internet resources we have now such as this incredible forum I have no idea. I have made some great contacts through this site which has now brought this project down to a very manageable and financially doable project. Doing daily searches on eBay has produced great results as well.

I will start posting my progress here and will gladly take in any advice, concerns or help in body prep I can get.

Ron Sinclair
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Dave Czirr
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Re: 1937 Super Eight 1500

Post by Dave Czirr » Fri Feb 22, 2019 8:15 am

Ron, in the years before the internet, finding sources and help on these cars was a lot easier than you might think. First of all the print media supporting the hobby with cars and parts for sale was much larger and more active/prevalent than it is today. And clubs played a big role, you joined them to find the people who were knowledgeable. And people contact, why it was done the old-fashioned way, face-to-face or by phone.

Good luck with your project, we look forward to following along and helping where we can.


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