Larz Anderson Carriage House Museum

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Dave Czirr
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Larz Anderson Carriage House Museum

Post by Dave Czirr » Thu Jul 02, 2015 5:14 am

Larz & Isabel Anderson were an extremely wealthy couple living in the Boston suburb of Brookline and at the very beginning of the automobile age began buying upscale cars in significant numbers. As later cars were purchased the older ones were retired to the carriage house where they remain today in essentially the same condition as at the time of their retirement. In 1948 the carriage house became an auto museum making it one of the earliest, if not the earliest, car museum in the US. I had last visited the museum some 20 when it had perhaps 30 cars; some of the later ones have since been sold off, those remaining are:

1899 Winton
1900 Rochet-Schneider
1901 Winton
1903 Gardner-Serpollet
1905 Electromobile
1906 Charon-Girodot-Voight (C.G.V.)
1907 Fiat
1908 Bailey Electric
1910 Panhard Levasor
1912 Renault 40CV
1915 Packard Twin Six, coachwork by Brewster
1924 Renault torpedo
1926 Lincoln
1929 Packard 640 roadster
1937 Packard limousine

Here's just a couple of pictures, sorry for the image quality, these were silver halide photography and flash not allowed. The C.G.V. had some interesting features, probably to make it suitable for long distance touring - it had a modest sleeping arrangement and a commode beneath one of the rear seats.

UL - C.G.V.
UR - Brewster Packard
LL - Winton Bullet
LR - Electromobile

Judging by the quality of the carriage house the main home must have been magnificent but it was destroyed in the mid-50s and the extensive property donated to the City of Brookline. Hope you enjoy and if you find yourself in the area it's a worthwhile visit.

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Re: Larz Anderson Carriage House Museum

Post by auggiedoggie21 » Sat Feb 20, 2016 6:13 pm

Great piece on the Larz Anderson Museum, Dave. I live just north of Boston and the lawn events at the museum are as numerous as they are fantastic. They start with Cadillac Day around the third weekend of May and run until the latter part of October with Studebaker Day (if memory serves me correctly). To add a note to your posting, Isabel had her debut in New York City around 1893 and inherited around 17 million when she turned 21 in 1895 (quite the sum in those days) and married Mr. Anderson in 1897 while on a tour of Europe. She had a Baker Electric coupe that she would drive herself around Brookline, among her other chauffeur-driven cars that she and her husband would take into Boston on other occasions. After her death in 1948 the collection was given to the City of Brookline and, being separate from the main house up the hill, it was spared from the fire that destroyed the property in the 1950s. If you're ever in the Boston area it's open year-round and is well worth a visit.
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