Packard Radial Diesel DR-980

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Re: Packard Radial Diesel DR-980

Post by Trompenburg » Fri Jun 04, 2021 4:27 am

I am interrested in aeroplanes designed by Michael Gregor.
One of his designs was the Brunnel-Winkle Bird, this was a two seat biplane.
The Bird F, serial X790N, received in 1932 the Packard DR-980 diesel engine.

My question is: who can help me with pictures of this aeroplane with the Packard.

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Re: Packard Radial Diesel DR-980

Post by RogerDetroit » Sat Jun 26, 2021 12:17 pm

Hello Jan,

You may have already been to this website and read the following:

“Model F 1932 = 1-2pOB; 225hp Packard DR-980 diesel. POP: 1 [X790N], thought to have gone to Speed Bird Corp in 1933, and was refitted with 90hp Lambert R-266.

POP total all Birds, including one Royal Bird: reported as 224, but about 240 are accounted for, including 23 unregistered models and excluding several conversions.”

Finding images of ANY DR-980 aircraft will be difficult. On the first page of this thread, I posted a photo of a Mooney with a DR-980 about 10 years ago and have yet to see another photo of the same plane or learn any more history of that plane.

The Packard Proving Grounds museum is currently digitizing images from old Packard files. You may want to contact them for assistance.
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