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Packard 4m parts

Post by Dutchpackard » Tue Jan 01, 2019 1:13 am

Last summer I bought my first 4m engine. Engine was laying arround in pieces for many years. The owner also bought it in this condition. The bearings in the engine had a rough time and needs to be refreshed.

From a friend in denmark I got a adres for another 2 of those engines. Both engines were laying arround in the shop and 1 was in real bad condition. One engine was an overhauled engine that hè used for parts on nr1. Sadly also the bearings were in real bad shape.
I bought them and assambled 1 engine without internals for a dutch war museum. That engine had serieus main bearing damage and spung a few bearings in the block.

To get one of the 2 engines in running condition Im in Search of a set rod bearings.

Any ideas on were to get those.

Br Herman staal
The netherlands

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