Is modification justified to save a Packard?

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Re: Is modification justified to save a Packard?

Post by 1935Packard » Wed Nov 28, 2018 2:44 pm

flyingk15 wrote:Thanks for all of your opinions. After great thought and after connecting with a local Packard guy that not only answered all of my questions but also came up with some very serious missing puzzle pieces like that fabled EE-23 Stromberg, interior window trim, horn, throttle linkage, fuel pump bowl, hubcaps, firewall fittings, a wheel, etc, etc. all at a price that proves he wants to see another Packard survive has change my outlook. Also, I get the fact that these were significant cars in their day... which really hasn't changed.

So, full frame-up restoration it is. If, in your travels you happen to run across a carb choke actuator that mounts to the exhaust manifold then please let me know.

Thanks, Ron
Great news, Ron! I hope you will keep us posted on your progress.

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Re: Is modification justified to save a Packard?

Post by Adam » Thu Nov 29, 2018 4:59 am

Coming to this debate rather late, I would offer that it is not essential to retain originality at all costs (which may be prohibitive anyway), but it is worth retaining the character of the car that Packard built.

By that I mean that replacing your dodgey old carb with an alternative unit would not upset my sensibilities. In fact, a twin carburetor conversion would be an interesting project since you are missing a decent carb in any case. What does sadden me is when people come to the forum saying 'my brakes are bad, I will replace them with discs'. When what is really needed is a straightforward brake overhaul. For me the experience should be one of enjoying the car for what it is, in it`s original form. Now that means that everything should be overhauled and returned to a good working standard, from where these cars are very driveable. Creating a hotrod is quite a different thing.

Very often an overhaul will be simpler, cheaper and quicker than a conversion to disc brakes, coilovers, auto trans or whatever else. It will produce a nicer car too. if for instance, your interior is missing, or completely composted(!) I have no problem with it being augmented by something else (bucket seats?), but it is a terrible shame to destroy a restorable interior to accomplish that.

Here in the UK, I belong to the Vintage Sports car Club and actively compete in races, sprints and hillclimbs (not in my Packard). There is great debate in that club about allowing 'special sports cars' in to the competitions when it is apparent that they started out as sedan cars that have been destroyed in order to create a racer, thus destroying the history. You can even see the removed coachwork offered for sale on the internet.

So I hope that you retain and enjoy the Packard engine and transmission, rather than installing a Chevy V8. But please post a picture of the fibreglass carb repair on here. I would love to see it!

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Re: Is modification justified to save a Packard?

Post by Fourpack » Sun Jan 06, 2019 6:01 am

You may have resolved your carb problem already, but if you need it I have an EE-23 10-34 rebuilt to perfection by Daytona Parts. I would like to get $1300 for it. Can send pictures if you are interested. I also have a reproduction patent plate decal for your car. Free with the carb. I don't know if they are still available.

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