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39 Super Eight on the road

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 1:11 pm
by jim/KB1MCV
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After installing a different (correct) engine in the Packard last fall and the usual teething pains and overcoming some other obstacles the 1705 is approaching 1500 miles of touring the Northern New England secondary roads.
There is still work to do on it but my plan is to drive it until cold weather intervenes and during the off-season pull the R9 OD unit for inspection/service. I had hopes that draining the heavy oil (600w?) from the trans and OD and putting in the correct weight oil would let the unit engage after a few heat/cold cycles but no such luck. The solenoid is actuating when the governor closes the circuit just as it should, it just isn't engaging. The free-wheeling is working fine.
At any rate the car is driving well, I'm finding the speedometer is reading around 5 mph fast probably due to the modern tires, which are 7.00x16 bias ply. I am self-governing the engine speed to 2250 rpm max, checked with my tune-up tach wired temporarily into the driver's compartment and in conjunction with my phone's GPS. This gives a little better than 50 mph (actual). That seems to keep the 320 with its 5" stroke quite contented.
I love the torque the engine produces in high gear.
Overall, the car drives well.

Re: 39 Super Eight on the road

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 7:27 pm
by flackmaster
Must be very gratifying after overcoming the teething hurdles. Just one the OD unit an R6 or an R9? very different units/wiring, but indeed both prefer proper clean oil...

Re: 39 Super Eight on the road

Posted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 3:03 pm
by jim/KB1MCV
I'm pretty sure the OD unit is a R-9, four wire solenoid is on the right and governor on the left.

The OD was in place when I bought the car but was the installation was apparently never completed, there was no wiring or relay or kick-down switch or cable in place. I got a relay from the Flackmaster last fall, installed a cable and wired everything up.

The installation will get further investigation this fall.

Re: 39 Super Eight on the road

Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 3:58 pm
by auggiedoggie21
As for the overdrive not engaging, have you checked the overdrive cable yet? It could be that it is out of adjustment on the shackle attached to the side of the transmission, or that your lock-out switch under the dash is not operating as it should and needs replacing. I got a new switch from Max Merritt for my '47 Super 8 and, once I tightened the two bolts holding the cable housing to the underside of the dash for a good ground, it works flawlessly now. If it is the original switch there is probably a good groove worn into the bottom of the switch and it is not making a good contact, which is what sounds like is happening. A new one set me back about $115.00, of which $40 was a core charge for my old switch that I sent them and got the refund very quickly.

Re: 39 Super Eight on the road

Posted: Wed Oct 09, 2019 2:21 pm
by jim/KB1MCV
Thanks for the suggestions, auggiedoggie21.

A condensed version of my R-9 adventure safari is that it is working nicely now.

Some background...
The transmission/od has been in the car for a long time judging from the accumulated grime and grunge around the unit. It was permanently locked out by having the lockout lever wired in lockout position. Not with the soft iron wire we associate with haywire or bailing wire. The wire was around 1/8" in dia. I had to remove it with a hacksaw.

The R-9 install had never been completed, there was no cable, no relay or kickdown switch, od ready light or wiring. I have supplied and installed these parts with the help of information on the forum. As I mentioned above I also changed the oil in the transmission and od unit. The oil in both units was either a very heavy viscosity or very old, or maybe both. I had hoped the new lighter oil would let the unit engage which it finally did. It took several hundred miles to do it though.

While the car will not ever be a Interstate Cruiser (whatever that is) now that the overdrive is operational it is happy at secondary highway speeds. Currently I have driven around 700 miles using the overdrive including two trips of around 200 miles each.

I am at 2000 plus miles on the replacement engine and have gained some confidence in the car.

There is still plenty of work to do but at least it now is under its own power.