horn problem 47 clipper

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horn problem 47 clipper

Post by bakerallen » Sun Mar 14, 2021 5:33 pm

I have a problem with the horn on my 47 clipper. When I turn the wheel to the left many times the horn will blow. You can imagine what a pain this is. I had a mechanic work on it earlier with no success. I want to try to fix it myself, but an a little uneasy about taking it apart at the steering wheel. Is there anything special I should know before I try this.

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Re: horn problem 47 clipper

Post by Howard56 » Mon Mar 15, 2021 6:37 am

Here is a breakdown of the electrical path in the steering wheel side of the horn circuit. The actual switch contact is made at the outer edge of the chromed part of the horn ring you can see which is at ground potential and a metal plate that is held in a fixed position a few thousandths of an inch under the ring which is in contact with the wire. Plastic insulating washers keep the two parts separated from accidental touching or the inner contact plate from being grounded. There is also a fiber washer under the contact at the wire end that keeps the wire and upper contact supported and from touching the steering shaft.

The fiber washer could be damaged allowing the contact to move or one of the screws going thru the plastic washers in the ring assy could be loose or a plastc washer damaged allowing a piece to move when the wheel is turned. Since the wire and upper contact is normally held tightly together and the problem does not happen with just a slight turn of the wheel the fact you need turn the wheel several times before the problem happens would almost indicate the continued turning twists the wire enough with the shaft to bring it into contact with the metal tube where it exits the steering shaft at the end of the steering box. The wire has to pass thru the narrow tube and heat and grease has been known to destroy the rubber insulation on the wire where it exits the box. If that is the case there is no easy repair. You will most likely need to disassemble the ring assy and pull the contact and wire out of the shaft to replace or repair the wire. There is usually not enough clearance between the wire and metal tube to get tape or heat shrink around any damaged areas of the wire insulation without removing the wire.
horn ring electrical path.jpg
Horn wire exit.jpg

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Re: horn problem 47 clipper

Post by Prudence » Tue Mar 16, 2021 8:21 am

Good Morning...Our 1949, Miss Prudence, does the same damn thing...not all the time...mostly when going around a traffic circle. We did take it apart several times and carefully took 'burs' off a couple of parts and flattened out the brass part that the wire is attached to. It works somewhat better now, but once in a while it still honks without permission! The last time we took the steering wheel off, we put it back on one or two splines from center. :cry: One day soon, we'll have to take the steering wheel off AGAIN and try to re-center it...I think that Miss Prudence is laughing at us! Ernie in Arizona ;)

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