Proper wiper cable routing

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Proper wiper cable routing

Post by creeves84 » Sun May 02, 2021 12:35 pm

Our Packard was repainted and the body guy removed the two bolts in the engine bay holding the tensioners inside the car. When the car was returned the cables were off the "cam" inside the car for both sides. The car is a 1956 Executive.

I'm at a loss on how the cables should be routed. I attached pictures, I'm not sure I have the cables on the right pulley of the tensioners inside the car, I labeled the cables "up", that cable when pulled moves the wiper from the resting spot to the up position. I searched and found the trick to hold the tensioners "open" or against the spring.

The pictures are of the tensioners with my notes on underside of the dash. The wiper cam is in the "home" position or resting when the wipers are turned off. The last picture is the wiper motor in "resting" position or off with the "arm" facing towards the passenger side.

Ok what am I missing, anyone have tricks to get them installed? What cable goes on which grove and do I have all the items at the right set up to run the cables?

Wiper tension assembly.jpg
Wiper cam inside of car.jpg
wiper motor- wipers in rest position.jpg

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Re: Proper wiper cable routing

Post by Dave Czirr » Sun May 02, 2021 3:57 pm

Have you checked the Master Parts List? As I recall there is an illustration of the full cable installation. If you're without the parts book, I strongly recommend you buy the reprint, its an invaluable aid to maintenance and restoration, answers lots of questions. Select "Shopping Cart" from the main home page and you'll find all the available reprints.

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