1927 Packard single six, how to drive?

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1927 Packard single six, how to drive?

Post by Nikodaemos » Tue May 11, 2021 11:30 am

Hello all, new to here, new to pre-war cars and new to Packards.

I have my eye on a 1927 Packard Sedan with the 6, and will be going to look at it next week. If everything checks out, I will be making the purchase.

I have somewhat familiarity with the Model A, but little practical experience. I have certainly never had the chance to drive a Packard though, heh. I have spent the last decade and more behind the wheel of big rigs, and about 7 years of my own 1990 truck. While 30 years is fairly young for autos, it is quite out of date for big trucks, heh. It has well prepared me for driving slower than everyone, braking gently, shifting low, and taking my time with the double clutch on both the up and down shift.

All fluids and ignition will be gone through before taking it on the road, no antique oil and fuel for the antique car, heh.

What I am looking for is information on the particulars to prep, start and operate such a vehicle. I am including a picture of the dash sent to me by the sellers. What should be done to it before attempting to start it after it has been hibernating indoors for possibly over a decade? Once ready, what should the startup procedure be? I am basing it on the procedure of full retard timing, partial hand throttle and choke. Crank, advance timing partially once fired, reduce choke and hand throttle as determined by what makes the engine run happily and smoothly. Let the engine tell me what it likes.

Additionally, any resources where I can read up on operating and driving procedures for it would be greatly appreciated. There is not a whole lot of info on just basic, every day operation of these cars. Plenty on the history, pedigree and all sorts of information on them, especially the more desirable Twin Six and inline 8 engines, roadsters, phaetons and the like, but just no love for the regular sedan single six, heh.

Much appreciated for any help offered, I look forward to finally having a Packard to add to my fleet, but there is a lot to learn about them and not much available for casual reading up on.

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Re: 1927 Packard single six, how to drive?

Post by Adam » Tue May 25, 2021 3:56 am

From a cold start, use full choke and crank the engine until it fires. Then reduce to half choke, and crank again and the engine will start. Easy!

You can then close the choke very quickly and rely upon the hand throttle to keep it running until warm.

You will need to double-declutch every gear shift!
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