Modifying the modified

PAC is dedicated to the preservation or authentic restoration and use of Packards; if you must consider non-stock modifications, here's the place.
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Modifying the modified

Post by docdoc2 » Tue Jan 05, 2010 1:35 pm

Back in 1955, I was a 16 year old car nut that saw the coolist Packard, sitting on a used car lot in St. Paul, Mn. The used car salesman told me it was a 39 Packard body on a 52 Packard drive train. I bought the car and got a 1952 title. The car was from California and had been customized. It had a burnt orange carson top and continental kit. The interior was rolled and pleated, red and white leather. The hood was long and louvered.The 2 doors were suicide and the 2 rear fenders were Buick! I had the coolist car at the high school. After about 6 months, the car need brakes, so I took it to Joy Brothers Packard dealership and tpld them it was a 52 drive train. When I came to pick up the car, the service manager said " kid, this car is 39 all the way, we checked the numbers". Unfortunately I became very upset and hired a lawer and forced the dealership that sold me the car to take it back!. Years later while enjoying the retirement sun in Florida, I was thinking about that 1939 car and it's suicide doors. It finally hit me, that the car had to be a Darrin. I went to the Packard Club web site and asked if any one knew what had happened to this car, I last saw in 1956 in Minneapolis. Within 24 hours, I had a response saying I needed to contact " Mr Darrin" Eugene Tareshawty, in Younstown Ohio. Gene told me he and a friend heard about the car that was still in Minneapolis in 1996. They bought it and Gene filled me in on his research on the car. It started life as Packard Darrin # 13. In 1952 it was customized in Redwood City California for Bruce Brown. At that time the car was white with a strawberry red carson top and continental. Eugene spent a lot of time , effort, and money and converted the car back to it's original 1939 Packard Darrin victoria convertible configuration and painted it the original Packard gray color. So folks, it can still be rewarding to modify the modified!

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Re: Modifying the modified

Post by 34PackardGuy » Fri Jan 08, 2010 4:50 pm

Thanks so very much for sharing that story with us, this forum is a good place to store this kind of history for Packard collectors yet to come. Maybe we should even create a special category for this kind of information, i know I'd be glad to post the history of my 2 cars. Let's hear from some others on this thought.

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