1938 Waterpump instead of 1936 for 120 8

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1938 Waterpump instead of 1936 for 120 8

Post by jmhjr59ny » Tue Sep 14, 2010 1:28 pm

I have a 1936 120B Touring Sedan and want to get rid of the pump with the rope packing. I was told by someone that a 1938 waterpump could be used. If so how is it done?

John H. Upstate NY

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Re: 1938 Waterpump instead of 1936 for 120 8

Post by 34PackardGuy » Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:21 pm

Hi John, welcome! Is you pump casting broken, the impellor damaged, or the shaft scuffed or scored? If not, why not maintain the authenticity of your 36 Packard and repack the existing pump? I repacked the pump on my 34 about 40,000 miles ago and it has never needed any attention since, and most folks have similar experience. At worst, assuming a pump in good condition, you may have to take a bit of turn on the packing gland every few years. Key is using the correct graphited cord packing and installing it correctly. An occasional drip from the packing is desired to lubricate the shaft. If you want to rethink your plan to change pumps, some folks here can give you advice on how to get your existing pump repacked properly.

Sorry, I have no experience with swapping the pumps between 36 and 38 120s, but perhaps someone else does and will chime in. I suspect it's not a bolt-on swap.

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Re: 1938 Waterpump instead of 1936 for 120 8

Post by MichaelF350 » Sat May 12, 2012 8:23 pm

I have a 54 water pump on my '35-258 engine. The only mod needed is to drill and tap a hole in the front of the block using the water pump backing plate. You must also countersink the hole in the backing plate, I believe. Assemble the pump using a flat head screw. I did this a long time ago so I could use the sealed bearing pump with an additional pulley mated to the front of it to run my compressor for the A/C. The only real difference is the larger pulley on the newer pump. Go experiment and have fun with your Packard.

Since I've just suffered a severe engine compartment fire, I may have pictures of the installation when I disassemble the front end again.

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