1956 & 1958 Packard Parts for sale

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1956 & 1958 Packard Parts for sale

Post by Tjmatt07 » Wed Jan 27, 2021 4:17 am

Hello. I am new to the forum. I know very little about Packards but I recently came into a bunch of different Packard Parts. From what I was told, they are from a 1956 Packard but some of the boxes had 1958 on them. I am looking to sell all of them as a lot and also if anybody could help me identify some of the parts, that would be great. I am located in Western Pennsylvania. I have a lot of photos of the parts but all the files are too big to post on this forum and I don't know how to make the photos smaller. Feel free to email me for photos (tjmatt07@hotmail.com) Some of the things I know I have and can identify are lots of trim pieces, door panels, badges/emblems, starter, carburetor, plastic light covers, switches, and lots more. Thanks!

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Re: 1956 & 1958 Packard Parts for sale

Post by Howard56 » Wed Jan 27, 2021 5:36 pm

You might also post your offerings at www.packardinfo.com. That forum has a lot of V8 activity and will take larger photos than is accepted on this forum.

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