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1935-1941 Packard 120 Junior parts, 35 year collection

Posted: Sun May 01, 2022 4:28 am
1935-41 Packard 120 Junior parts, go to website: for list of over 200 parts and pictures. A 35-year collection in my garage and barn. Contact info: email is and 210-260-5646 for text or call. A general summary of some the parts are as follows: 1935-37 front and rear fenders, 1935-37 hood cowls, 1935-37 transmission, 1935-37 steering box, suspension parts, 1938 steering wheel, 1937 steering wheel, side mount pieces, trunk rack parts, some convertible parts, interior and exterior door handles, hood handles, trunk handles, front grilles, bumpers front and rear, bumper guards, engine parts such as generator, starter, carburetor, air filter, timing chain, etc., 1935-37 running board pair, 1935-36 very rare artillery wheels set of, brake parts, chrome hood inserts, horns, manifolds, many various driving lights, headlight buckets, headlight stands, tail lights, bumper bracket bars, 1935-36 and 1937 doors, 1935-36 full 4 piece hood assembly, 1937 full 4 piece hood assembly, 1936 dash clock, front and rear bumpers and bumper guards, and the list could go on with interior parts, fenders, doors, grilles, hoods, exterior trim, headlights, tail lights and many more that unable to list. let me know what you need to complete your packard.