Euro Packard Meet in Germany June 14-18, 2017

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Euro Packard Meet in Germany June 14-18, 2017

Post by guntherhoyt » Mon Jan 02, 2017 2:48 pm

The tour is being organized by Angelika and Jürgen Burkhardt and is now SOLD OUT for non Packard drivers. I will report from the road in Germany. My tour will begin in Salzburg Austria from where Johannes Walderdorff and I will start in his 1948 Super Eight convertible (see photo below). We will be joined by Ed Stifel (modern) and Andreas Straube in his 1934 Eight Limousine. It should be quite a sight! And we will obviously avoid the Autobahns!

The Schlosshotel Blankenburg looks very elegant and inviting, a fitting host hotel for a premium Packard Meeting! Note a wide range of interesting sites including steam locomotives in action. One of the towns on our tour is Quedlinburg, a Unesco World Heritage site.

Be watching from June 12 on for updates. And pictures.
1 hotel1.jpg
gunther 2 copy.jpg
Gunther 3 copy.jpg
11. Euro Packard Registration schedule.pdf
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Re: Euro Packard Meet in Germany June 14-18, 2017

Post by guntherhoyt » Mon Apr 03, 2017 2:49 am



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Re: Euro Packard Meet in Germany June 14-18, 2017

Post by guntherhoyt » Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:24 pm

Dateline Blankenburg Germany, June 17, 2017

We are now on the last day of what has been a fabulous tour. The team of Stifel-Walderdorff-Straube and Hoyt left Salzburg last Tuesday and drove in two days to Blankenburg. Wonderful adventures along the way included a luncheon at Schloss Synching (Johannes Walderdorff's in-laws) and a stopover in Friedenfels, before we arrived at 8 pm on Wednesday night. Lunch had been served at a cousin's fish farm. Champagne and caviar and much good cheer.

The Schlosshotel proved to be ideal: great parking out front, good food, nice rooms and FREE Wi-Fi. The attached photos will give full flavor to this charming and romantic part of Germany.

Before we left for Salzburg, Ed Stifel got a treat: Michael Rapp gave him a ride in the 1924 Mercedes K car that had belonged to Ed's grandfather in Wheeling, WV.

In Salzburg we connected with Johannes Walderdorff and his 1948 Super Eight convertible. Twenty kilometers into Bavaria, Andreas and Elisabeth Straube joined us with their wonderful 1934 Eight limousine in two shades of green. Elegant and very roadworthy company as it turned out. Our lunch tour was set for Schloss Sünching near Regensburg. Baron Johann Carl von Hoenning - O'Carroll was our tour guide of this wonderful octagonal "time machine." Sünching escaped all wars from the 1620s forward. By luck and by French POW bravery, the Sünching Schloss escaped plundering at the end of WWII. The wonderful and very charming tour by Johann Carl was followed by a tasty luncheon.

I took the wheel of the Super Eight convertible and found it wonderful to drive with a good working overdrive. The Big Eight can be driven like an automatic. JW and I made good time, never got lost and arrived at our stop for the night in Friendenfels. The Stifel & Straubes arrived shortly thereafter. JW & I were invited to spend the night with Adelheid & Eberhard v. Gemmingen, local land owners and brewers. The Gemmingens own large forrest holdings in Oregon and New Zealand, so we had a lively discussion of global lumber practices and brewing. The Friedenfels Hefe Weizen won a Gold Medal in Denver.

Eberhard is a passionate and highly skilled hunter, the charming country house is filled with stunning trophies of his worldwide expeditions. When I came down early to work on my lap top, the hunter was just returning! His strong black coffee sharpened my brain so I could knock off an hour of work before the others came down.

We got off on a good start in glorious weather and after a substantial breakfast. We were now heading deep into the former East Germany. By 2 pm we reached our lunch destination: the fish farm at Wermsdorf owned by Johannes Walderdorff's cousin Georg Straehler. He had laid out a table with caviar and champagne. Paradise in sunshine! A tremendous lunch followed of fresh fish and salad and strawberry cake with piles of whipped cream. The Packards sagged a bit after this "pit stop."

We toured the huge Schloss Hubertusburg a few hundred meters outside of Wermsdorf. If Sünching had escaped plunder, Wermsdorf was stripped of everything, furniture, copper gutters, gilt stucco, in short the huge Schloss is just now recovering from the effects of WW II and after. A worthy restoration team is looking for fitting furniture worldwide.

By 8 pm we had finally arrived at Blankenburg's Schloss Hotel. The parking lot was already filled with Packards and we were happy to join in the Welcome Barbecue and beer. The end of a long and wonderful day of driving. The weather had held for the two driving days. We had been lucky.
1924 Mercedes K once belonged to EW Stifel I of Wheeling, Ed Stifel's grandfather. The car is now in Germany, owned by Michael Rapp.
1 copy.jpg
The Straube Eight at Georg Straehler's riding stable and courtyard
2 copy.jpg
Schloss Hubertusburg with '34 Eight & '48 Super Convertible
4 copy.jpg
Packards at the Blankenburg Schlosshotek
6 copy.jpg
Woodlites galore!
Neuffen K Nercedes.pdf
The Stifel/Rapp Mercedes K car in Neuffen
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Re: Euro Packard Meet in Germany June 14-18, 2017

Post by guntherhoyt » Sun Jun 25, 2017 12:28 pm

Day One of the Blankenburg Packard Tour:

The starting time was ten am and most drivers were out early tinkering, talking and greeting old friends. I toured the new cars I had not seen before and found a fabulous '34 Eight phaeton, an original car from US, now in Norway.

Another fabulously restored 1929 white phaeton caught my eye. It is owned by Rune Aschim of Oslo. The car was driven to and from the meet. It runs just like a brand new Packard. Great suspension feel.

We were off by ten AND by bus to Quedlinburg for a train ride (narrow gauge vintage steam) through the Harz Mountains. This steam adventure was fueled by plenty of scenery, nostalgia and an occasional beer. A lunch stop of goulash soup made for a nice interruption to the train drama. After lunch the train ride resumed and this time I foolishly sat in the open observation car. 19th century train travel was filled with soot and noise and sparks. All three were plentiful here. By late afternoon Quedlinburg station could not come soon enough.

Day Two: Quedlinburg by Packard this time. I rode in the Straube's big limousine and was relieved to have no soot in my secluded tycoon's back seat! Andreas has done a marvelous technical restoration and his car has overdrive, a must at modern speeds. When I alighted from the limousine we were parked at our lunch stop restaurant parking lot. Nice forecast!

Off we marched to the famous Quedlinburg Dome, a Romanesque church of stark beauty. In the Nazi years Himmler's SS set up a medieval pseudo-historic SS shrine here. The church was desecrated by the Nazis. Now, thankfully it is a thriving and holy place of worship again.

After the tour a few of the Swiss friends from 2015 joined me for a cool beer in an adjoining and very medieval timbered tavern. Many hellos and 'good to see you again" and best wishes for the tour were exchanged. We sat for a good while soaking in the medieval charm of Quedlinburg.

About noon we trooped off for lunch, served in a nearby Romantik Hotel. Hours later, and very well fed, another much needed walk through Quedlinburg followed. And then a charming, historic drive back to Blankenburg. It was Friday night and our "Gala Night." Showered, dressed properly for dinner and ready for an evening of food and drink and toasts. A high point was the stunning black evening dress Elisabeth Straube wore. She was matched by her elegant husband in evening dress right down to spats!

We were all delighted to see Johannes Walderdorff take the helm for the 2019 Tour in Vienna.
8 copy.jpg
a charming tavern for a beer
9 copy.jpg
Quedlinburg's main square
12 copy.jpg
Ed Stifel & John Kefalonitas at the Gala Dinner
15 copy.jpg
that fabulous '29 phaeton from Oslo!
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Re: Euro Packard Meet in Germany June 14-18, 2017

Post by guntherhoyt » Sun Jun 25, 2017 1:42 pm

Saturday, Day Three of the Blankenburg Tour

Start time was 9 am sharp, but as always that turns into 9:30 am. All Packards are ready for a 90 km tour of the Ostharz. For the non drivers, a 1949 Saurer bus awaits. I am in the Straube Eight limousine and life is good. Many are driving open, a special favorite is the 1936 Eight convertible roadster driven by Ottamar Hofstätter from Austria. When we arrive et the Hermannshöhle Grotto most of us naively sign up for the tour. Over one and a half hours later I know Ed Stifel did the right thing to stay above ground. By this point I have banged my head four times on the sharp and jagged roof of the grotto. It hurts. I want O UT. Beautiful as the rock formations are, I am all for staying above ground.

Off we go again, this time for a nice lunch at the Hotel Kräuterhof, opposite a historic rail station. Watching steam engines chug by, makes me think back to our first day. After lunch we head for a charming museum filled with East German Wartburg's, DKWs, other motor bikes, and a huge collection of toys. All very nostalgic. others are lining up for the main event: tank driving. Some are drivers, others are just along for the ride. i decide to watch from the sidelines. All very dramatic stuff, and very very muddy. The weather has been perfect and most tops are down. I head straight for the white phaeton and beg for a ride in the back. Readily granted, and the highpoint of the tour for me. The Aschim phaeton is a real joy. All of the suspension really works. Fresh rubber bushings make for a real solid feel. The car is put through it's paces and passes my test. Deeply impressed. More so when we talk about the long run up to Kiel to catch the ferry to Norway. This is a driver's Packard.

When we return to the hotel, the sad realization hits, the tour is almost over. Cars are trailered, others are readied for long drives back home. In our case, our Straube friends are planning a 5 am departure in their Eight. Almost 800 km before they get home! Johannes and I are planning a drive to Remagen on the Rhine. Friends have invited us to spend the night at Schloss Ernich.

Many thanks are due the Burkharts and their team. We have had a good time and hope to see all our friends back in Vienna in 2019!
13 copy.jpg
The Burkhart Support Mercedes
5 copy.jpg
Hofstätter '36 coupe/roadster
11 copy.jpg
another favorite: Ackermann '34 coupe roadster
16 copy.jpg
the view from the back of a '29 phaeton
17 copy.jpg
when this little guy wakes up, he'll be back in Norway
18 copy.jpg
trailered and ready for home!
22 copy.jpg
Schloss Ernich with Gunther & Johannes and Denise Booth Felsberg
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Re: Euro Packard Meet in Germany June 14-18, 2017

Post by guntherhoyt » Sun Jun 25, 2017 3:03 pm

Sunday-Monday-Tuesday: June 18-20, 2017

Our Sunday departure was right on time at 8:30. The Super Eight ran well and we were in good time driving mostly Autobahn in the slow lane running at a decent 60-65 mph. We avoided Frankfurt and headed for the Rhine. At Montabaur, Johannes got out to take the train to Cologne to lay flowers on the grave of his son. Have you ever heard the Bogart-David Niven sailing story. Bogart, an experienced sailor took the young David Niven sailing off Catalina. When totally fog-bound, Bogart says to Niven, "you take over, I've got to take a d...p" i had the same feeling of helpless abandonment.

But having driven the car a short ways on the trip up, I figured, "what the hell. It's a Packard." Off I go, the Tom Tom telling me what to do and by and large I found Remagen and was right on top of my destination, or so I thought. The last left turn and then suddenly I had overshot my mark. I pull over, fumble for my cell phone, call Ulrich Felsberg. He tells me to turn around, the car stalls, in a panic I forgot to ask Johannes how '48s start. No starter button, ugh! And then Eureka, an inspiration, I press the accelerator hard and the beast springs to life. I pull up to a large Schloss gate, Ulrich says the gate will open, and sure enough it does. A LONG driveway through the the woods winding my way to a large open lawn and a charming Schloss. I HAVE arrived.

Schloss Ernich was built around 1906-07 by the Cologne industrialist Arnold von Guilleaume in the "French style." It is utterly charming. My host a man I have never met, is also very charming and shows me around the gardens and the Schloss. I feel totally at home. And then Johannes rings, saying he has taken a taxi and they also are lost. We go through the same drill and soon enough JW appears. We are a jolly Foursome for coffee and cake and are telling each other wonderful stories.

At seven off we got to nearby Bonn for a Museum reception and supper party. The rooftop reception is totally delightful, much sun and fun. A rather long series of speeches (the Germans like the LONG ones) follows and then "blessed food" washed down with superb Riesling, crackling cold. The final touch, Ulrich takes us to the Rhine and a rooftop drink at the Sheraton directly on the river. It is magical. Home by midnight. Blessed sleep comes fast and when I wake at six it is utterly still and a cool breeze blows through the room: a six star hotel feeling.

After a tour of the Felsberg garage: one Porsche 356, a Jag coupe and a modern 911, we are off along the Rhine. We fill up just after leaving Remagen, only to discover to our horror at the next gas stop that we had "forgotten the gas cap." The day is warm, soon very hot. Autobahn most of the way and then just out of Stuttgart a gargantuan traffic jam, what the Germans call a STAU. We feel doomed. The car does not like the STAU. The gas cap no longer seals the tank. Time to get off. We are lost. We drive from town to town looking for a hotel room. None. Finally a lady takes pity on us and says PARK HOTEL in Pforzheim, only 4 km down the road. Follow the signs to ZENTRUM! Almost within reach the hotel proves elusive. After many turns around several blocks we finally pull up, stagger in and are delighted to find AC, American style cold AC.

The rooms are wonderful and the shower beckons. I send a quick email to Fred Bruner at Max Merritt's. An answer comes almost immediately: "I have a nice used one." Two photos make me feel a ok. Within the hour Johannes and I are sitting in the restaurant delighting in our good luck and sharing life stories, most with Packards. It is a fitting ending to the day. Our bedtime comes early, by 8 pm my light is out. We are determined to start early for Munich. At six am the Packard rolls direction Autobahn, and this time we make Stuttgart in good time and rush dow the road past Ulm. By 9 am we are in sight of Munich. We pull up at my old favorite hotel, the Inselmühle and I can see the Packard grill smiling. So is Johannes. He had left with no coffee or breakfast. We rush for the buffet and are happily sharing in our last meal of the tour. Off he goes, driving the last 200 km to Salzburg alone. By 3 pm he emails: home safe, at last!

End of 2017 Europe Packard Tour. Next time join us!

PS. On Sunday just after I finish these lines an email confirms the cap has arrived in Salzburg and fits. Thank you FRED BRUNER!
20 copy.jpg
Schloss Ernich with Packard
21 copy.jpg
Packard at Hotel Inselmühle in Munich, a charming country hotel in the city with a Biergarten
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Re: Euro Packard Meet in Germany June 14-18, 2017

Post by Dave Czirr » Wed Jun 28, 2017 11:33 am

Just received a few photos from Dr. Andreas Straube who attended in his 1934 1102 7 passenger sedan. For those folks who say that no one drives prewar cars very far anymore, Andreas tells me he drove 450 miles in 2 days just to get to the site of the tour. That plus the tour miles plus the return trip - quite a statement about the driveability of these old cars when they are well sorted out. Congratulations Andreas, and thanks for the photos. In the last photo, that's Günther Hoyt on the far left.
31 copy.jpg
32 copy.jpg
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