Kulturafton 2018 Event In Sweden

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Kulturafton 2018 Event In Sweden

Post by Leeedy » Mon May 14, 2018 5:43 am

I've recently returned from a marvelous event in Sweden hosted by Nordic Packard Club co-organized by Ole Book. The event was an absolute joy to attend and was held at the beautiful island resort of Villa Brevik.

And the array of cars was breathtaking. I saw everything from a Russian ZIS copy of a Packard (I've been keeping histories on these and Russian ZILs since the 1960s) to a beautiful 1937 convertible 120 to a 1956 Caribbean convertible–and many, many more. I saw photos of the two 1956 Packards (a 1956 Corsican Black Patrician and a 1956 Caribbean convertible) that the Russians bought to copy in order to make the ZIL-111 and the Chaika–if you know about these cars. I was driven around Stockholm in a 1955 Clipper Constellation hardtop and a rare 1956 Executive 4-door sedan (yes, original with everything working!). Both of these cars were in original condition and were driven on the streets of Stockholm. Packard fans there are some of the most enthusiastic I've ever seen. PAC members from several different countries attended and I gave my seminar presentation on Packard postwar concept cars–which was very well received.

What's my connection to Sweden? Back in the 1970s I was featured in a Swedish automotive magazine, Teknikens Varld driving my new 1971 Dodge Challenger convertible. People there still remember the article and me. And as a bonus, Ole Book arranged for my old friend, Peter Haventon (who authored the original story) to attend the event! A great reunion after many decades. Watch for an article on this event coming soon.

(see sample photos below)
Lee&OleKOMHotelStockholm copy.jpg
With Ole Book in Stockholm, Sweden
ZISoverall copy.jpg
A friend's ZIS in Sweden

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