Re: 1950 R11 BW Overdrive Solenoid Installation

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Guillermo Durgin
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Re: 1950 R11 BW Overdrive Solenoid Installation

Post by Guillermo Durgin » Tue Jun 22, 2021 3:35 pm

Dear Packard owners,

I am determined to get my R11 BW OD working in my 1950 Packard Club Sedan (2 door). I have double checked all the wiring to verify components are working as they are supposed to. I did discover that the new OD solenoid that I installed 2 years ago (including new seal) was not working when I removed it from the transmission to test it from my battery. So I have a replacement Solenoid and seal (no charge) arriving any day now. My question is: Does the transmission need to be in gear or can it be in neutral when installing the OD solenoid shaft into the pawl?

I will apply electrical power to the number (4) terminal and ground the case to extend the solenoid shaft to carefully slide the solenoid shaft (flat side up) past the seal until the shaft engages into the pawl in the transmission. I will make sure that once it is engaged to turn the solenoid to secure the pawl into the grove of the solenoid. I should then release the ground and the solenoid shaft should retract pulling it towards the transmission. I can line it up and then secure the bolts. I want to make sure I do it right this time. I appreciate any feedback or clarification. Thank you.

G Durgin
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Re: 1950 R11 BW Overdrive Solenoid Installation

Post by Howard56 » Tue Jun 22, 2021 5:26 pm

I would think neutral would be OK so you could slightly turn the driveshaft if needed to line up anything that might need a bit of rotation. Reading the solenoid install instructions in the B-W manual it would seem the solenoid does not need to be powered to engage the pawl on the R11 but having the extra length probably would not hurt. I cannot see much detail on the photo of an R11 solenoid I have but unless the Packard implementation is different from other cars that used the R11, instructions say there are flats on the solenoid and it is inserted then rotated to lock in the end of the pawl. You can download the R11 manual from packardinfo.

If this direct link does not work, go to the packardinfo site and select the literature archive from the left menu. Select the Service, Shop and Training manual category in the page that opens. The Borg-Warner Overdrive Manual is about two thirds of the way down the page and the solenoid install instructions is paragraph E on page 14.

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