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37 front suspension

Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2021 9:23 am
by Dwight Bedsole
The left side front suspension on my 37 120C convertible sedan needs attention (see attached photos). Specifically the front shock absorber arm.

The upper front shock absorber arm appears to be bent outward toward the front of the car (~3/16"), since there is no evidence of a frontend collision I assume it is the result of someone attaching a tow rope/chain. Can this arm be heated to bend it back inward?

The second issue appears to be a missing rubber bushing in the shock absorber arm where the wheel support bolt fastens, which by the way is not tightened to the extent the right side is tightened (3/16" less threads showing compared to right side, cotter pin also missing). I am having a problem trying to identify the bushings I need - Kanter's catalog list two options (1) Upper outer bushing, 1935-38 original style (2) Upper outer bushing set, 1935-38, sleeve and rubber bushing replacement - what bushings should I order?

Can repairs be made on the car or must I remove the shock absorber/