High compression Head

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High compression Head

Post by sslaugh711 » Fri Feb 12, 2021 8:16 am

I have been going through all the documentation on my recently acquired 1934 1100 and the engine has a high compression head on it.

Was that a dealer or packard option? What does it do in terms of engine performance? Were they a common option? Any other info would be appreciated. Thanks

Dave Czirr
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Re: High compression Head

Post by Dave Czirr » Fri Feb 12, 2021 8:42 am

It could have been specified when the car was ordered from the factory, or a dealer could order the part and install either before or after the sale. Or, years after the sale anyone could order the head from Packard and install it or have it installed. Without original build slip information, you really don't know if that cylinder head became associated with that vehicle as built.

It adds a couple of horsepower, not particularly uncommon. The low compression head was most applicable to cars destined for export due to generally lesser quality gasoline overseas.

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