Oil filter

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Oil filter

Post by packuk » Sat Apr 17, 2021 7:40 am

ImageI have a 41 clipper with a standard 8 cyl engine it has been to the machine shop re lined back to original size crank ground 10000 thou over head skimmed my mechanic is now starting re build with a Egge kit already found rear cam rope seal not right ordered one from Merritt anyway my question is we don’t seem to have a oil filter system on this engine, Merritt have cartridge which says fits all models
Was there no filter on the early models?
is it worth fitting one ?
is there one available which will fit early model?
By the way I am in uk
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Re: Oil filter

Post by Howard56 » Sat Apr 17, 2021 9:12 am

Oil filters were standard on the prewar 356 engine because of the hydraulic lifters but optional on the standard eight and sixes. In 40 Packard went thru a lot of experimenting in filter design and flow on the 356 to solve intermittent noisy lifter problems but by early 41 I believe they had settled on a filter design. The filter element and canister were then the same for all engines but flow on a standard eight and six was different because those engines had solid lifters. Different accessory numbers for the factory kits are due to the steel tubing lines and fittings being different depending on engine.

I expect a Packard prewar filter assy could be found without too much difficulty and postwars are readily available but you would probably need to fabricate your own steel lines. There were also a lot of aftermarket filters available at the time but those generally had rubber hoses and the canisters varied in design and color. Prewar factory canisters look somewhat similar to postwar but as I recall the bottom is slightly more deep and pointed in prewar canisters. Prewar filters had the inlet on the bottom and exit on the side while postwar filters were just the opposite. A postwar filter will fit and work but using one just depends on how authentic you would want to be with the tubing.

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