turn signal 55 Clipper

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turn signal 55 Clipper

Post by lc3packs » Mon Mar 28, 2016 12:30 pm

While performing my check list for the trip to the Texas Packard meet, I discovered my front driver's side turn signal does not work. The light does burn but just does not blink. It also works when you just have the parking lights on. I replaced the bulb to no avail. I pulled the socket out and don't see anything wrong. I removed the flasher switch and installed a new one. Still won't work. All three of the other turn signals work as they are supposed to. Suggestions? Thanks, Tommy

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Re: turn signal 55 Clipper

Post by Howard56 » Mon Mar 28, 2016 1:48 pm

Here is an extraction showing the complete turn signal circuit which might help your troubleshooting.

The non functioning L front turn signal is fed out of the turn signal switch and goes thru the round connector. When the lever slides the moving contact to connect the flasher to the two bulbs, completing the circuit between bulbs and flasher thus providing ground thru bulbs starts the operation. Usually it takes the resistance from both bulbs to have the flasher operate properly but depending on flasher type, it is possible the flasher can still operate without a good connection to the L front bulb.

The 49-54 turn signal switch is shown. On those switches dirt and oxidation as well as the paper based phenolic warping can cause contact to be a problem. While the physical shape of the switch is different in 55-6 and I believe the material is nylon or some type of plastic instead of phenolic, the operating principle and causes of problems are the same. The switch connects to the main loom via a round connector near the wire exit from steering column. Some have reported pins in the round connector can be partially or poorly connected and sometimes intermittent.
Turn Signal Extraction1.jpg

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