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'42 Packard 160 Carburetor

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 12:49 pm
by auto.nut
My auto has been setting for a while and now the carburetor is not working normally. Seems to be running very lean and does not want to continue running etc.. There is the standard 531 carb on it. I do have a spare 643S carb which fits the '48-60 senior Packards. I was wondering since I am going to have to take the carb apart and perhaps get it to function better, if I should instead clean etc the 643S carb. It appears like it would be completely interchangeable. Can anyone give me any advice of whether it would be wise to install the 634 on it instead of the 531? Would there be any benefit or drawback to changing?
Running it seems, very lean. What to look for especially, when disassembly and cleaning? Helps to pump the accelerator, to get started.