How to properly remove battery from 1935 120?

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How to properly remove battery from 1935 120?

Post by Packardnewbe » Tue Aug 25, 2020 10:20 am

Probably a stupid question...When I try to access the battery for removal under the seat and rotate the seat up as it is hinged on the front, it hits the steering wheel. There is not enough room to pull it out. Is it possible to easily remove the lower seat so I can pull the battery? I don't want to force anything. Thanks as always.

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Re: How to properly remove battery from 1935 120?

Post by Ozstatman » Tue Aug 25, 2020 12:50 pm

If it's anything like other Packard seats of this era the seat doesn't really pivot/hinge at the front. There are tabs at each side of the seat frame which wedge the frame into the bottom framework attached to the floor. Just needs some force to lift the front of the seat up first, the back will then follow. Remove the seat from car or slide it over to access the battery cover and battery under the drivers seat. Reinstall the seat by wedging the back of the seat bottom in first then push down forcibly on the front of the seat to wedge it back in. A few "magic words" sometimes accompany and help in this process. ;)
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Re: How to properly remove battery from 1935 120?

Post by dgpnaples » Sun Oct 18, 2020 12:19 am

I have a 36 120B and I when I first bought the car I had the same problem until I realized that once you release the deat from the seat frame, you pull the front seat forward and then lift the back of the seat to slide it out.

The front seat frame spring lock mechanism that controls a bar to slide the seat forward and back. Maybe your release button on the driver side is missing . But my front seat was also slightly forward and hit the steering wheel until I released the lock mechanism and pushed my seat back.

Take another look at your front seat and after you get the two front fasteners to release( push back and pop up) slide it forward. There should also be a release mechanism to slide the front seat back and forth. Most cars lose the button that is on the driver's side of the frame, a chrome "handle knob" that you would push down to release.

See attached photos, which are each a zip file.

Then you can take the cover off the floor board, disconnect the battery and lift out.
Front seat release
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