Brakes on 54 packard super clipper

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Brakes on 54 packard super clipper

Post by Loco1975 » Sat Nov 25, 2017 3:42 pm

Does anyone know where i can purchase a dual master cylinder for my 54 Packard super clipper?

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Re: Brakes on 54 packard super clipper

Post by Howard56 » Sat Nov 25, 2017 6:09 pm

You didn't say if power or manual but in either case, don't believe there is anything that will bolt right in.

If you have manual brakes there have been some who have made a universal 1" dual master work by making an auxiliary mounting bracket. The new master bolts to new holes in the bracket and other holes in the bracket mate up to the existing holes used with the original master. You are on your own for the needed plumbing changes and also to realign the push rod to account for the inward shift caused by the bracket.

If you have power brakes it is a big deal. There is nothing modern that will just bolt in and work in place of the original Bendix Treadle Vac because of the mounting position Packard used. The space is limited to start with but there are units that will fit. The big issue is pedal ratio. With the booster at the bottom of the pedal the ratio is 1:1 whereas modern boosters need about 4:1 at an average. To get that higher ratio in the original location requires modifying the pedal geometry considerably -- in effect a complete new pedal assy mounted differently with pedal positioned in a changed location. Others have mounted a new Universal booster and master higher on the firewall in the air vent hole and use a modern pedal with a revised pivot point. That keeps the pedal in approx the same position it is in a stock system but work is needed to support it. Several have done both approaches but if you are trying to keep a stock look both stand out like a sore thumb.

Components that have been used generally come from Master Power Brake ... ll-all.asp or ABS Power Brake and are universal types for street rod applications. For 12v cars there have been a few of the ABS Electro-Boost systems installed.

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