Brakes DRUM removal

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John 3:16
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Brakes DRUM removal

Post by John 3:16 » Sat Jul 25, 2020 11:43 am

I have a 1937 Packard 115 and I am have problems removing the rear brake drum. The wheel behind the driver is locked and I am not able to turn it. The other rear wheel turn freely. Any suggestions on what to do will be appreciated.

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Re: Brakes DRUM removal

Post by Howard56 » Sat Jul 25, 2020 12:06 pm

One possibility is there is a problem in the hydraulic hose or tubing and fluid could not drain back out of the wheel cylinder. Opening the bleed screw or disconnecting the hose might help that situation.

Other possibilities is the emergency brake cable has seized in the outer housing just before the backing plate and emergency brake is still applied. You can disconnect the brake cable at the crossmember and the housing at the top then see if you can flex the housing enough to pull a slight amount thru the housing and see if anything frees. You might also be able to remove the bolts holding the housing mount where it enters the backing plate -- although some models have nuts on the inside -- and gain a small amount of slack. If the wheel cylinder had water get into it from contaminated fluid or is full of corrosion from just sitting possibly the pistons are corroded in the outward position and cannot release the shoes. Also water could have gotten into the drum and sat to the point the brake shoe friction material has seized to the drum. This is a common occurrence with clutch discs in sitting cars where water condenses on the flywheel and the continued moisture locks the two together In any of those cases try backing off the brake adjustment star wheel all the way and see if the shoes will retract away from the drum.

If things are still not cooperating then I suspect it will take brute force to remove the drum with shoes still sticking to it until drum can be pulled far enough outward on the taper you can tilt the drum and work some kind of thin metal between the backing plate and drum. You would then work the metal like a putty knife between the shoe and drum to separate the friction material.

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