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Packard compatible wheels

Posted: Tue Oct 05, 2021 7:54 am
by cp_1247
Maybe this should be in Drivetrain, but I just went with the closest subject. What are you driver guys doing for wheels? When I bought my 50 Standard Eight, it has one "correct" steel wheel, which looks like it either uses a full wheel disc, or a center cap with trim ring, while the other 3 are chevy rallye 1/2 ton truck/van rims. The bolt pattern is correct, but the center hole is too small. So all I do is roll it around, but I won't be driving it with them when I get it going. Now, keep in mind I am building a working functioning driver, not a restored pristine example. I have looked on ebay and only found 2 packard rims, and they were pitted and rusty for near 70 bucks each. I am wanting a center cap and trim ring set up, ideally. Is there a rim out there that's compatible that fits correctly? And I am open to the option of making plain steel chevys work, as the bolt pattern is right, but I'd have to use a plasma cutter or torch to make the center hole bigger. I don't mind going that route, but would rather see if there are options out there before I do. Thanks for any and all help! New to Packards and am excited to start my project this winter!