Removal of a Master Cylinder on a 1940 Packard 110.

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Removal of a Master Cylinder on a 1940 Packard 110.

Post by newpack110 » Mon Aug 31, 2009 10:17 am

I'm still working on my daughter's 1940 110 and all I have for information is a "Preliminary Shop Manual/Owner's Guide," which has no instructions on removing or replacing the Master Cylinder.
I have already disconnected the two brake lines and loosened a bolt that acts as a pivot for a spring assy.that connects to the shifter and brake and clutch pedal via levers. After loosening the bolt, I pushed it toward the engine, but there was not enough clearance for it to clear the Master Cylinder. My question is: do I disconnect the levers (held on with washers and cotter pins) from the shifter and pedals and pull out the spring/pivot assy. with the Master Cylinder as a unit (i.e. with the spring assy. still attached to the master cylinder & remove them together)?
By looking at it, this seems the only solution, but my daughter wanted me to check with other Packard owners who have already removed and installed the master cylinders.

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