carbeurator problem

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carbeurator problem

Post by bakerallen » Thu Jul 04, 2019 1:41 pm

I have a problem with my 47 clipper with the small 8 cylinder engine. I have had the motor rebuilt and it seems fine. My problem is with the carburetor. At least I think that is where the problem is. At first the car was hard to start and after it started it would run fine except when I would be driving it and would give a lot of gas to speed up. At that point the car would stumble, and then pickup and move on. I think I have taken care of the hard start by moving the part that depresses the two brass fitting on top of the carb. That problem has gone away. I ordered a kit to rebuild the carb from Kanter, and have installed it. I did not install the accelerator pump because it did not seem to fit as well a the old one. The old one looked ok. There was a round heavy cardboard tube on the pump included in the kit. I could not tell what that was for so I did not use it. Since I have installed the new parts, but car is running better, but still not the way it should. I think the problem may be that the float in the carb is not set correctly, but I don't know how to set it. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. Thank you

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Re: carbeurator problem

Post by Howard56 » Thu Jul 04, 2019 3:38 pm

There are some service articles on the WDO 512S which was the carb used on the small 8s. The first is a carb spec sheet with measurements and brief instructions on settings for the usual things including float level. The second is a 46-7 Serviceman's Training Manual which covers theory of operation on the 46-7 carbs in depth and has detailed service and rebuild instructions.

Both are available for free download at and are found in the Service, Shop and Training Manual category accessed from the literature page which opens the site. The WDO 512S spec sheet is one of several other spec sheets at item 54 -- Carter Carburetor Service Sheets. The training manual is item 64 entitled Serviceman's Training Book - Carburetor Service.

I don't know about the specific kit Kanter is providing but typically the accelerator pump has a cardboard shipping ring around it to keep the leather on the plunger from getting damaged. Most instructions have you remove the cardboard and soak the plunger in oil or gasoline to soften the leather before inserting it in the bore. Others also have you roll the leather outward slightly to expand it a bit before placing it in the bore so as to get a better seal. No idea what yours might say but there should be something in the paperwork.

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