Discussions on Henney and other makers of specialty Packard vehicles.
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Post by PACKARDAPL » Fri May 09, 2014 6:17 am

An official Packard built vehicle that we have not made a place for up till now is the Packard TRUCK. It was
one of the mainstays and profit generators from the very earliest days for Packard. There is enough of these
huge trucks still around that a core of enthusiasts can resurrect some pretty run-down units. They were made
from 1904 to 1923 in a variety of sizes that accommodated just about any type of service body. Many units
saw service in World War I and several remain in various European locations & South America. There were
also some very pretty 1930s Packard after-market truck re-bodied fire engines. Reportedly the US ARMY was
still using some of them in the more remote US locations up until World War 2 began in 1941. A number of
nice examples have been restored, including a tribute WW I army truck.

Dave Lockard of Pennsylvania has organized the Packard Truck Organization to promote their restoration &
preservation. They are affiliated with the Packard Club. Looking at various internet site photos, it appears
that although Packard trucks are pretty rare at this date--a variety of them survive in all conditions. Some are
well restored, (Goodyear) some are advertizing displays, and a few are privately driven (slowly). A few are 5 Ton
units.{ Not for the small garage.}

Anyway, Packard Trucks should have been included with our commercial vehicle forum when it was added. We
hope that this forum topic will attract those with an interest in Packard Trucks and will assist them in finding,
restoring, and preserving these important Packard products. All comments are welcome.

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Post by Dave Czirr » Fri May 09, 2014 6:30 am

Ken, one Packard-based truck I've always particularly admired is the General fire truck based on the V-12 chassis. This photo by this writer taken at Centennial in 1999.
1938 V12 by General.jpg

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Post by PACKARDAPL » Fri May 09, 2014 6:58 pm

Those firetruck conversions are some unique commercial Packards. I have several truck photos in my file--I'll share them
where they are needed. I'm not sure where the one below came from--but appears to be an official company photo from
around 1920--typical of most of the later teens and early twenties trucks. This one is doubly interesting since the freight
being carried could well be "broken-down" Packard cars or Packard car parts.{ for export purposes? }

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Post by Ozstatman » Sat May 10, 2014 12:24 pm


When I visited the US in October 2012, ostensibly for the Hershey experience, also saw a number of Packard trucks in my travels. The Packard Museums at Dayton, Ohio and Fort Lauderdale, Florida both had Packard trucks.
'19 Packard Model E Five Ton Truck at Dayton Museum.JPG
Stella Stone a lovely lady, 94 years young and wife of the Museums founder Arthur Stone, with the 1915 Packard Model 'E' 2&half Ton C-Cab Truck.JPG
1915 Packard Model 'E' 2&half Ton C-Cab Truck.JPG
And on the Sunday, immediately after Hershey, attended Dave's Packard Truck Show with his 3 Packard trucks.
Dave and his '20 Packard Truck.JPG
'20 Packard Truck.JPG
'19 Packard Truck complete with Packard Automobile Club of Australia Badge and Tasmanian Devil hood ornament!.JPG
'19 & '20 Packard Trucks.JPG
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