This page is a collection of Packard related audio recordings, including original records produced by the Packard Motor Car Company and sent to the dealerships to be used for training purposes. They have been converted to digital audio files for your listening pleasure. Please keep in mind, some of these are old records recorded from an original turntable large enough to play these oversized (16" - 33 1/3 rpm) records.

"The Love Story of the Packard and the Ford"

The Packard and the Ford

This comic song from 1915 tells what happens when a large expensive Packard falls for a practical, affordable Ford. They marry and raise a family of Buicks. The lyrics were written by Harold Atteridge with the music by Harry Carroll. It was published by Shapiro, Bernstein & Company, Inc. in New York as sheet music for piano and voice.

Susan Johnson, our Chairman of the Hospitality Committee, found a copy of the music and has provided us with her rendition of the song with piano accompaniment. It is a delightful addition to our Packard media history.

"The Love Story of the Packard and the Ford"
[Verse 1]
By a lonesome little curb in a lonesome little town,
On a lonesome little Ford a lonesome Packard looked down,
And the great big car heaved a great big sigh
For the little Ford so modest and shy,
"You shouldn't travel 'round alone, you should have a chaperone,"
Said the Packard, in a language all its own,
"In my garage, you know, if you will only go,
I've a cozy, cozy cunning little home:
[Verse 2]
In the lonesome little town now the Ford cannot be found,
For the Packard towed it far away with hardly a sound,
And they're married so they say,
Twenty little Buicks gay
'Round their little turning table are found,
And now they liven up the scene, when they're drinking gasoline,
Big and little Buicks gather 'round, and then
They start to foot and shout, and then they holler out:
"Daddy Packard, won't you sing to Ma again?"
"Honk! honk! said the great big Packard,
"Aaa! Aaa! said the little car,
Said the Packard; "Won't you come and cuddle closer?"
But the Ford said: "I can't go far,"
"But you see how much I need you,
And I love you there's no doubt,
Come and marry and we'll have a little Buick,
You can't afford to run about!" Honk.

"The Packard Story"

The four records described in the 1924 book titled: "The Packard Story"Describing the Packard Six

Part IHerbert H. "DOC" Hills, VP Distribution, PMCC
Part IICol. Jesse Vincent, VP Engineering, PMCC
Part IIIEdward F. Roberts, VP Manufacturing, PMCC
Part IVH. N. Davock, General Service Mgr., PMCC

Packard Sales and Service Training Records

In the following files, you will hear BEEPS, but these do not have accompanying filmstrips.

Packard Master Salesmanship Program (1947)
"The Second Chance: A Packard Selling Career"
Packard Serviceman's Training Program (1949)
"Keystone Of Quality"
Packard Master Salesmanship Program (1952 Vol. 1 Nr. 1)
"Selling In The Showroom"
Packard Master Salesmanship Program (1952 Vol. 1 Nr. 4)
"A Case for Quality"